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The Laser Turntable was designed and developed by ELP Corporation, a Japanese company, headed by Mr Sanju CHIBA. The laser reading system, made up of 5 separate lasers, allows you to listen and enjoy your vinyl records without any physical contact on the disc itself

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ELP - LT Master - Laser Turntable - audio-hd.fr


« Pure Analog Sound, Uncompressed, Non-Digitized & Contactless"  


LT-MASTER >>> 7'', 10'' & 12'', LP & 45 rpm + ALL OPTIONS 


The Laser Turntable was designed and developed by ELP Corporation, a Japanese company, headed by Mr Sanju CHIBA.


The laser reading system, made up of 5 separate lasers, allows you to listen and enjoy your vinyl records without any physical contact on the disc itself. Unlike traditional vinyl turntables, this lack of contact has great advantages:


Preservation of your disk: No contact of the lasers therefore no wear of the disk, nor even noises / blowing of surface.

Ideal tool for safeguarding the audiovisual heritage and rare and rare record collections.

Master Sound Quality: similar to the quality of an analog master tape (Information confirmed by Sound Engineers encountered during presentations).

Analog Sound: The laser reading process maintains Analogy without Digitalisation.

No coloring: Reading arms, cells, magnets, inertia ... everything that makes up the technical peculiarities of traditional vinyl turntables generate color during disc playback. Thanks to the absence of lasers contact, the sound is reproduced without any coloration.

The deck also allows programming a playlist, and offers the same benefits as a cd player with all control options (title advance, fast forward, programming, remote control ...).

The Laser technology of this deck makes it possible to read information contained in the disc groove that no conventional board is technically unable to read. These data are etched very deeply, but also on the highest part of the furrow. You will easily understand that the restored sound will clearly surpass your expectations.

Hidden discs, and even some broken discs can be played. Deviation tolerance accepted by platinum is 5mm maximum.


IMPORTANT: The player accepts black vinyl records only.


Some additional information :


The laser reading system is tangential and electronically controlled.
It is possible to adjust the speed from 30 rpm to 50 rpm and from 60 rpm to 90 rpm (this adjustment can also be done easily during playback of your disc.) This is very useful for correcting errors. Engraving of some vinyl records.
Remote control is included.
Fast forward / reverse with two speeds, Pause, option repeat ...
Title Programming function up to 15 titles.
Output RCA Out or Line Out RCA / XLR (Valance).
Power: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V or even 240V 50 / 60hz.
Laser calibration disc.
Adapter tray for EP.
Stereo RCA cable (length 1.5 meters).
Power cord.
Sound guaranteed 100% analog - 0% digitalization.
The LT-CLASSIC, LT-MASTER 1 and LT-MASTER 2 vinyl turntables read the following formats: 7", 10", 12", LP & 45 rpm formats.
The LT-MASTER 3 reads all the following 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", LP, 45 and 78 rpm formats.


Characteristics :


Frequency : 10 ~ 25,000Hz. 20 ~ 20,000Hz + -3dB (LP Record)
Channel Separation : Depending on stereo separation on discs:> 25 dB (20 ~ 20,000Hz, DIN 45 543 Test Record)
Output :STANDARD: LINE output (600mV = 0.6V) 5cm / sec 1kHz Lateral
OPTIONAL: PHONO output Level = 4.8mVrms 5cm / sec 1kHz Lateral
OPTIONAL: XLR output 680mV = 0.68V 5cm / sec 1kHz Lateral
Distortion: <0.5% DIN45 543 1kHz Ref. Level
S/N Ratio :> 55dB (Weighted) Ref. Level
Wow & Flutter : <0.07% WRMS
Output Terminal : RCA pin jack (standard)
Dimensions : 470mm (W) x 480 (D) x 170 (H)
Weight : 19 kg


Rates and Guarantee :


Audio-HD manages the import (Transport by express express international and secured, management of the customs duties ...), the hardware tests on arrival in our premises, the delivery customer, the installation, and a simple and Playful use is also provided in order to allow a quick and pleasant grip by the end-user (s) of the deck.


The ELP Manufacturer Warranty is two years.
The Audio-hd Warranty is three years complementary.


Demonstrations :


The deck is regularly presented upon request of appointment.


It is important to note that a presentation of the turntable in your studio or just in the rooms where you like to listen to your discs is ideal to judge transparently performances on your listening system. The comparison is all the more convincing that you already know the acoustics of this piece, which will allow you to compare according to your usual listening habits.


You can contact us via the contact section, or contact us at the coordinates presented at the top of this page.



Delivery :


Worldwide: Free / Free


Products are made to order. It is necessary to take into account an average manufacturing time of 25 to 30 days. As soon as your order is received, we will confirm a delivery time (including the manufacture of products ordered)


Non-Distributed Countries: HERE


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