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Vinyl harmonicer - Clearaudio - audio-hd.fr

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This new turntable mat, made out of pure vinyl, will improve the contact between the platter surface and the LP

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Clearaudio - Vinyl harmonicer - audio-hd.fr


This new turntable mat, made out of pure vinyl, will improve the contact between the platter surface and the LP. Every LP-record will sound more dynamic and more authentic. More balanced sound at low frequency and higher definition at middle and high frequency. This is possible becouse of the fact, that the vinyl Harmo-nicer mat is made from pure vinyl and has therefore identical speed propagation velocity as a LP. Tehe overall vibration energy - coused by tracking process - is trasfered with no reflection to teh platter.


The bottom surface of the Harmo-nicer mat is absulutely flat and polished. the top surface of Harmo-nicer mat has a special surface structure, which ensures maximum contact points to the LP-record surface than a regular platter surface. 


Highest performace will be achieved if you are using the Clearaudio Outer Limit, Clearaudio Locator and a Clearaudio Record Clamp (e.g. Clever Clamp). The use of the Harmo-nicer turntable platter mat results in a bass control improvement, a better tonal balance. more precision in the middle and high frequencies and a highe overall dynamic.


Please note: While using the Clearaudio Harmo-nicer, you should re-adjust the VTA (Vertical-Tracking-Angle), accordingly to the trickness of the Harmo-nicer. The Harmo-nicer can be cleaned like a normal record, we do recommend to use the clearaudio record cleaning machine Matrix.


Technical specifications:

Outer diameter: 292 mm
Maximum Thickness: 2,4 mm
Weight: 190 g
Material: vinyl


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Products are made to order. It is necessary to take into account an average manufacturing time of 5 to 10 days. As soon as your order is received, we will confirm a delivery time (including the manufacture of products ordered)


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