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Innovation Compact Turntable - Clearaudio - audio-hd.fr

Choice of perfectly matched materials, combined with patented Clearaudio technology.

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  • Black
  • Wood

Clearaudio - Innovation Compact Black Turntable - audio-hd.fr


Innovation Compact: "the ticket to the summits".


Choice of perfectly matched materials, combined with patented Clearaudio technology.


The Innovation Compact's 70 mm thick tray is dynamically balanced poly-oxy-methylene (POM), rotated by a high-torque DC motor and high precision bearings specially developed for Clearaudio.


Thanks to its highly optimized design, the Innovation Compact is a true revelation for the audiophile universe. Optical speed control (OSC) allows you to achieve speed stability values ​​that allow this stage in the very closed circle of the very high-end world-wide.


Its optimally designed chassis pushes out parasitic resonances far from the audible spectrum and guarantees maximum stability thanks to a massive panzerholz plywood backing (ball-proof wood) embedded in an aluminum sandwich.


Its timeless design adds a manufacturing quality to the test of years.


The possibility of mounting a second tone arm opens the way for a very wide range of musical styles to be found throughout the history of recorded music.


Main Features :


Chassis optimized against resonances
Supply of the decoupled drive motor
Black plate 30 mm thick
Rotation: 33, 45 and 78 rpm
Speed ​​variation: + / - 0.08%
Dimensions (W x H x D): 479 x 141 x 485 mm
Weight: 12 kg


This vinyl turntable comes in two colors / finishes:




Delivery :


Products are made to order. It is necessary to take into account an average manufacturing time of 5 to 10 days. As soon as your order is received, we will confirm a delivery time (including the manufacture of products ordered)


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