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MC Goldfinger Statement Cartridge Needle - Clearaudio - audio-hd.fr

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"Our Opus Magnum as a reminiscence of the absolutely flawless audiophile reproduction of the best LP music productions in the world".

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Clearaudio - Cartridge Needle MC Goldfinger Statement Turntable - audio-hd.fr


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In the MC Goldfinger statement, for the first time, twelve absolutely symmetrical magnets, which are identical in their values, were arranged in such a way that this system achieves a dynamic capture of 100 decibels. For the engineer of clearaudio, the fulfillment of an audiophile dream that seemed unattainable for a long time.


This pickup deserves to receive only the best recordings of all time. In order to be able to "feed" the Moving Coil (MC) Goldfinger Statement with the appropriate music material, a music production department has been established at clearaudio which specializes in audiophile recordings of all genres.


The MC Goldfinger Statement is the first cartridge with integrated RF shielding. The high sound quality of this world-class pickup is not least the result of meticulous detail improvements and fine-tuning of all values.


The breakthrough was achieved by the use of a 30-percent thinner 24-carat gold wire for the coils, a precision-polished gold hanger for the magnetic block and a body of 585 gold - essential core components for the ultimate pickup masterpiece.


It is an object of value that persists generations. The world-famous Micro-HD diamond provides the best groove scanning performance of all time. In addition, the MC Goldfinger statement carries a loupe-free diamond on its face.


Peter Suchy calls this pickup miracle "Our Opus Magnum as a reminiscence of the absolutely flawless audiophile reproduction of the best LP music productions in the world".


Technical Description : 


System Body : 14kt Gold
Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 100 kHz
Output Voltage : (1 kHz, 5 cm/s): ∼ 0.6 mV
Channel Separation : (1 kHz): > 40 dB
Channel Balance : (1 kHz): ≤ 0.2 dB
Tracking Ability : 80 μm
Rec. Tracking Force : 2.8 g
Coil Impedance : (1 kHz): 50 Ohms
Stylus : S Gyger with double polished
Needle Carrier : Boron
Material of couples : 24k Gold
Total Weight : 16 grams
Warranty : 2 years


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