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SUB-D - Special Studio Cable - Les Absolue Pro - Absolue Créations - audio-hd.fr

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SUB-D - Special Studio Cable - Les Absolue Pro - Absolue Créations - audio-hd.fr 


The cables "Absolue Creations" are made in France, by hand, in Normandy, and are guaranteed 5 years piece and labor.


Les Absolue Pro (The Range of Pro Cables) :


Audio-HD distributes the range "Les Absolue Pro" to sound and visual professionals, mixing, mastering, control, show, Home studio, (private rooms and places of exception on other projects developed by Audio-HD).

The technologies developed by Absolue Créations are now available to professionals, guaranteeing them an improvement in their facilities.

The cables are presented for demonstrations directly on the premises of our future customers, allowing you to see the benefits to be expected from a modification of the cabling of your installation.

Obviously, all the cable references proposed in the pro range are designed, and manufactured at the lengths really necessary.


Cables :


Each element composing a chain has a precise role: to read, to convert, to amplify or to transform an electric signal into music (by the current transmitted to the coil of the loudspeaker)

Every element, yes, except the cable ... in the minds of many people.

The cable is supposed to convey the electrons as best as possible, transmit the currents in time, in amplitude. He is not supposed to have an active behavior, he is supposed to behave like a straight thread as we used to say.

In practice, in any installation intervene distortions, crosstalk and other worries.

The sound message loses in definition and at the end of the race arrives weakened, shifted or distorted.

It is by having the stubborn will to fight against these losses that we have developed 6 series of audiophile cables of high definition.

Obviously our cables make sense in a materially optimized installation because in fact, they will not be intended to compensate or play the conciliators.

Our research, developments, experiments, and requirements are focused on the processing of the speed of transmission. A fast cable respects the smallest nuances and promotes greater readability, a more varied range of melodic lines, the subtleties of color and rhythm.

The signal from the electronics is often of high quality just like the speakers you have selected. Different sound signatures characterize them and each one then looks for the musical universe that he likes and that suits him.


Delivery :

Les Absolue Pro Products are made to order. It is necessary to take into account an average manufacturing time of 5 to 10 days. As soon as your order is received, we will confirm a delivery time (including the manufacture of products ordered).


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