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IN400SE - Amp / Preamp – Atoll Electronique - audio-hd.fr

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Amp / Preamp - IN400SE – Atoll Electronique - audio-hd.fr


The IN400SE concept is based on technical and aesthetic choices dedicated to optimal musicality. On the mechanical side, the frame is made of 2mm steel, the front 10mm aluminum. The side dissipators are machined from solid aluminum blocks to absorb mechanical vibrations and ensure perfect heat dissipation.


The electric stages are rigorously double mono with a specific attenuator per channel and two differentiated star masses. Each component was selected for listening and the scheme optimized to refine polarization currents and rate of feedback.


The ultimate goal is to provide maximum power with as much energy in all registers. One obtains then a listening binding material sound and fluidity, natural and harmonic richness.


Black front finish or natural aluminum available.


Specifications :


5 "line" inputs (including 1 AUX, usable for an optional phono card or SPDIF card)
1 By-pass entry
1 XLR input
1 USB-B input - 24 / 96kHz
Balance management


Audio Technical Data :


Power Wrms / Channel / 8 Ω (230v) 160 W
Power Wrms / Channel / 4 Ω (230v) 300 W
Power supply: 1015 VA
Capacitive total: 93,400 μF
Input impedance: 220 kΏ
Sensitivity: 350 mV
Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB
Distortion at 1kHz: 0.05%
Bandwidth: 5Hz-100kHz
Rise time: 2.5μs
Dimensions: 440 * 130 * 370mm
Weight: 20 Kg


Delivery :


Atoll Electronique Products are made to order. It is necessary to take into account an average manufacturing time of 5 to 10 days. As soon as your order is received, we will confirm a delivery time (including the manufacture of products ordered).



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