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DR400SE - Drive-Player – Atoll Electronique - audio-hd.fr

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Drive-Player - DR400SE – Atoll Electronique - audio-hd.fr

The DR400SE is the drive version of the CD 400 SE. This very high-end drive, coupled with an external Dac, will optimize playback of CDs. It is based on a TEAC mechanical reading base with ultra-tight tolerances that is completely "deconstructed" and reassembled by ATOLL, according to its own specifications and transformed into a solid aluminum top loader. It takes about 3 hours for a technician super-qualified to assemble a mechanical ... This drive is very high.


The specifically developed reading block is decoupled in suspension by four coil springs connected to a steel plate, itself decoupled by four spacers to the frame of the apparatus. This system significantly improves the reading quality of the LASER diode and, consequently, reduces the intervention of error correcting circuits. Listening this translates into a great smoothness of timbre and a sumptuous hairline in the treble.


The chassis has massive aluminum sides machined in the mass to ensure perfect mechanical inertia. In addition, the original shape has been studied to absorb the best vibrations.


The digital signals are fully shielded and follow an optimized path to counter the effects of jitter. The use of two independent converters for each channel makes it possible to avoid any crosstalk and considerably improves the signal-to-noise ratio and the dynamics.


Long hours of listening correlated with the measurements then allowed us to refine these settings extremely precisely to subtly associate sound material and details of the restitution.


Black front finish or natural aluminum available.


Specifications :


Specific ATOLL mechanical with top loading
2 PCM1794 converters (one per channel)
Symmetrical stages with discrete components without feedback
MKP type audiophile capacitors
Toroidal transformer of 160VA dedicated to audio stages
1 XLR stereo output
1 Output Stereo RCA Converter / DAC:
1 Asynchronous USB-B input (24bits / 192kHz)
2 digital inputs (1 coaxial & 1 optical)
2 digital outputs (coaxial & 1 optical)
AES-EBU output
Coaxial & optical outputs
Remote control
MECHANICAL "Top Loading" ATOLL used for CD400se and DR400se.
Anti-vibration system
Aluminum plates
CD text
ATOLL specific mechanics
Dedicated power supply for mechanics
Advanced design for jitter reduction


Audio Technical Data :


Total capacitive: 22 500μF
Rise time: 1.5μs
Bandwidth: 5Hz-20kHz
Output level: 3Vrms
Distortion at 1kHz: 0.001%
Dimensions: 430 * 320 * 90mm
Weight: 9 Kg


Delivery :

Atoll Electronique Products are made to order. It is necessary to take into account an average manufacturing time of 5 to 10 days. As soon as your order is received, we will confirm a delivery time (including the manufacture of products ordered).



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