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Olympia One Master (x1) Compact Speaker - Davis Acoustics - audio-hd.fr

A real piece of cabinetry, this speaker uses the latest DAVIS technologies (5th generation KEVLAR membrane, specific filter, soft dome tweeter ...), for a close listening.

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  • Ebony Wood
  • Cherrywood

Davis Acoustics - Olympia One Master Ebony Compact Speaker (Unit) - audio-hd.fr


A real piece of cabinetry, this speaker uses the latest DAVIS technologies (5th generation KEVLAR membrane, specific filter, soft dome tweeter ...), for a close listening.


This "two ways" revives tradition:
Wired into the air (old style), using state-of-the-art speakers, this model is distinguished by a perfectly linear output curve.
Listening, you never feel frustration, the serious is present, deep and tense.


It is simply the smallest compact enclosure ever made by DAVIS.


The 13 KLV5 R is sublimated. This speaker, which has made our reputation for nearly 30 years, and has undergone many evolutions through our course, is ideally associated with a flexible dome tweeter. It allows a listening perfectly balanced, always entrainante, and that makes you want to re-listen to his discography!


The manufacture of this enclosure is entirely realized in our production unit in Troyes (Aube - 10).
Filters even use French cables from HIFI Cables and Co. (copper with Teflon PTFE sheath), a "must" that keeps energy from the speakers.
The association with the various electronic market is very simple. The impedance curve of the loudspeaker (fairly linear) makes it possible to obtain very good results with "first price" amplifiers. Nevertheless, every time we experimented with more ambitious electronics, the OLYMPIA One Master showed new qualities.


Proof that its potential is very high.
The Olympia One Master now exists in a rectangular cabinetry and in natural cherry, a noble wood.




Diapason Review September 2016:

"GOLD DIAPASON - All the qualities of the little Olympia One Master surprised us: the clarity of the sound image, no hardness that would harm the dynamic reactivity, definition without any brilliance. [...] Listening: Confounding homogeneity, without apparent defects. ".


High Fidelity July 2016

"The Olympia One Master has conquered us by the plume of its natural and playful restitution. The work on the grave register firm and definitely convinced us. ".


Sound & Vision Magazine - September 2016

"If you're looking to reproduce music in large format from compact speakers, do not hesitate and put the Olympia One Master at the top of your list of candidates."



"Listening to these small speakers undeniably evokes a certain form of luxurious well-being, an odyssey in a soft and satin universe. ".


High Fidelity Review September 2011:

"Davis succeeds in a master stroke with this new Olympia One to whom one can predict a brilliant future as its value for money is favorable and so absolutely the performance musical bluffed us. ".



"For Davis Acoustics, this Olympia One Master is simply the smallest compact enclosure ever built by the brand !!! In addition to being a synthesis of its know-how, it reconnects with the tradition of high-end acoustics: superb cabinetry in natural cherry, KEVLAR membrane of 5th generation, specific filter wired in the air (old style! ), Flexible dome tweeter ... ".


Technical description :


Bass reflex: 1 rear vent
Nominal power: 80 W
Maximum power: 120 W
Number of Ways: 2
Number of Speakers: 2
Yield: 90 dB
Bandwidth: 47-21000 Hz
Tweeter: dome 28 mm
Woofer / medium: kevlar cone 13 cm
Impedance: 4 ohms (mini)
Cut-off frequency: 4000 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H): 21 x 26 x 35 cm.
Weight: 8.5 kg


This model is available in two colors / finishes:


Wood Merisier


Delivery :


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