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Cezanne (x2) Column Speaker - Davis Acoustics - audio-hd.fr

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This CEZANNE speaker will reconcile music lovers and audiophiles who sought in the vintage enclosures, sensations of immediate musicality and tonal color with a serious and even extreme nuanced and present. I do not see in the marks and ranges of current enclosures a column bringing together so many qualities. 

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  • Black lacquered
  • Cherrywood
  • Wood Burr Walnut
2,125.00 € TTC

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Davis Acoustics - Cezanne burr walnut Column Speaker (Pair) - audio-hd.fr


A large column enclosure, designed for living rooms from 20 to 40 m2.


Cézanne is very Redoutable on all musical styles.


The CEZANNE HD has a disturbing medium of realism.


The woofer:


To achieve a fast and steady low, DAVIS has opted for the use of a lightweight and rigid membrane at a time, based on treated cellulose fibers. Very largely motorized, this loudspeaker can "cash in" of high powers.
The 25 mm coil is immersed in a dense magnetic field, allowing for rapid membrane response.


The medium:


Faithful to its reputation, DAVIS chose a composite material for its loudspeaker medium: the Kevlar. Equipped with a double ferrite, this 13 cm diameter loudspeaker, mounted in a rigid aluminum frame, reproduces the medium frequencies (300 ... 3500 Hz) with great detail and precision.


A dispersion ogive is placed at its center.


The tweeter:


In order to allow a perfect fusion of the registers, DAVIS decided to use a midrange tweeter, both in its geometry (cone) but also in the material used (braided kevlar fiber) .
It is a very light coil of 20 mm diameter which receives the signal and transmits it to the cone.
This rare technology, because expensive, comes from the study carried out on the "flagship" model of the brand: the KARLA enclosure.
The tweeter "file" up to 40 000 Hz very evenly.




Blog The tube Clinic: 

"The Cézanne was a true blow of heart so much its listening is confusing realism and leaves the part beautiful to the music and the emotion."


Site AM-Audio design:

"This CEZANNE speaker will reconcile music lovers and audiophiles who sought in the vintage enclosures, sensations of immediate musicality and tonal color with a serious and even extreme nuanced and present. I do not see in the marks and ranges of current enclosures a column bringing together so many qualities." 


Forum HD Fever:

"I find this very lively, sparkling side of the Matisse with this Ø13 medium easily drivable that Davis firmly mastered perfectly on each model proposed. Here it is the medium Kevlar HdG of the brand with a special category of the Nikita 2, boomer specially designed for the beautiful with a mechanical acoustic filter that offers a bottom of the spectrum absolutely fabulous and I insist on this last point .
They deserve a little listening."


Website pier-audio.com:

"Nothing works as well as a mid-range column currently on the market properly powered. A pretty stunning result on our electronics, it must admit."



"In listening, the medium-acute part is appalling of veracity, the combined use of one and the same material (Kevlar) on this huge part of the spectrum demonstrates the interest of this technical peculiarity: where the majority of competitors Are organized around established concepts, DAVIS persists and engages in choices that are certainly costly but truly innovative. The fusion between the medium and the tweeter is magical, the stereo image is centered, the tracks or instruments materialize with a natural and evident sensuality. The emotion generated is shared by the few customers present: what it is beautiful!"


Read on Hpaudio-cholet:

"The CEZANNE enclosure has just entered our listening room Choletais. This 3-way column is equipped with a brand new HP Davis for the bass, the famous 13 cm diaphragm kevlar and the excellent tweeter already seen on the Nikita 2. But what characterizes this new Davis speaker, c Is the use of an internal acoustic-acoustic filter. It's top secret but the result is amazing! The CEZANNE which will be marketed at the price of 2500 euros will shade the competition including models 2 to 3 times more expensive."


Technical description :


Bass reflex: circular vents
Nominal power: 110 W
Maximum power: 150 W
Number of Channels: 3
Number of loudspeakers: 3
Yield: 91 dB
Bandwidth: 40-40000 Hz
Tweeter: cone kevlar reel 20 mm
Medium: kevlar 13 cm
Woofer: 17 cm cellulose
Dimensions (cm): 103 x 22 x 33
Weight (kg): 25
Impedance: 4 ohms (mini)
Cut-off frequency: 400/4000 Hz


This model is available in three colors / finishes:


Black lacquered
Wood Merisier
Burr walnut


Delivery :


Worldwide: Free / Free

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