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Sisley HD (x1) Column Speaker - Davis Acoustics - audio-hd.fr

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The Davis Acoustics Sisley is a top-of-the-range speaker designed for listening rooms ranging in size from 25 to 40 m². It is distinguished by its two woofer speakers of 17 cm in diameter offering a reinforced response at the bottom of the spectrum.

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Davis Acoustics - Sisley HD Column Speaker (Unit) - audio-hd.fr


The Davis Acoustics Sisley is a top-of-the-range speaker designed for listening rooms ranging in size from 25 to 40 m². It is distinguished by its two woofer speakers of 17 cm in diameter offering a reinforced response at the bottom of the spectrum.


The Davis Acoustics Sisley is a 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker with 4 loudspeakers, two of which are dedicated exclusively to low frequencies. They are two models of 17 cm diameter powerfully motorized and able to reproduce a deep deep and nervous suitable for all musical genres, even the most demanding. These Davis Sisley columns are perfectly sound-balanced and feature a 13-cm Kevlar diaphragm and a Kevlar cone tweeter with a 50 mm diameter ogive. The ensemble produces a natural and living sound image, inviting the listener to extend the listening sessions.


The acoustic crew of the Davis Acoustics Sisley loudspeaker also predestines it to integration in a home theater system, its power handling and its excellent response in the low bass allowing even without a subwoofer without any frustration .


The advantages of this product are numerous: noteworthy in particular the excellent linearity of its yield curve and its very wide bandwidth.




To achieve a fast and firm gravity, DAVIS has opted for the use of lightweight and rigid membranes, both based on treated cellulose fibers. Very largely motorized, these loudspeakers can "cash in" of high powers.
The 25 mm reels bathe in a dense magnetic field, allowing for rapid membrane response.
The two loudspeakers, 17 cm in diameter, are mounted in parallel for an air movement comparable to a single loudspeaker of larger diameter.

The medium:


Faithful to its reputation, DAVIS chose a composite material for its loudspeaker medium: the Kevlar.
Equipped with a double ferrite, this 13 cm diameter loudspeaker, mounted in a rigid aluminum frame, reproduces the medium frequencies (300 ... 3500 Hz) with great detail and precision.
A dispersion ogive is placed at its center.

The tweeter:


In order to allow a perfect fusion of the registers, DAVIS decided to use a midrange tweeter, both in its geometry (cone) but also in the material used (braided kevlar fiber) .
It is a very light coil of 20 mm diameter which receives the signal and transmits it to the cone.
This rare technology, because expensive, comes from the study carried out on the "flagship" model of the brand: the KARLA enclosure.
The tweeter "file" up to 40 000 Hz


Technical description :


Bass reflex: circular vent on the front
Rated power: 150 W
Maximum power: 250 W
Number of Channels: 3
Number of loudspeakers: 3
Yield: 92 dB
Bandwidth: 35-40,000 Hz
Tweeter: cone kevlar reel 20 mm
Medium: kevlar 17 cm
Woofer: 25 cm cellulose
Dimensions (cm): 103 (h) x 29 (l) x 40 (depth)
Weight (kg): 40
Impedance: 4 ohms (mini)
Switching Frequency: 250/3500 Hz
Color: Black lacquered


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