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Atoll Electronique - Audio-HD

The company ATOLL ELECTRONIQUE was created in September 1997 by Stéphane & Emmanuel DUBREUIL. 

The finding at that time revealed a certain lack of audiophile products at affordable prices.

Today, ATOLL products are distributed in nearly 80 stores in France and exported to more than thirty countries worldwide. The range includes 41 products as well as several possible options (phono cards, digital card, remote control, black finish or natural aluminum).

Our goal is to offer the widest possible audience the opportunity to listen to music with maximum realism. In order to achieve this goal, we offer products with an exceptional musicality / price ratio.

We have therefore made some important choices in terms of components (carefully selected, listened to), editing ... at the choice of our subcontractors and commercial partners.

Our products are manufactured and assembled in France.


For the past few months, Audio-HD has been the distributor of the Absolue Creations brand of professional audio cables, known under the brand name "Les Absolue Pro". They have been specifically developed to enable all professionals to achieve their uncompromising quality goals by optimizing their facilities for better results. You will now be able to enjoy mastered albums by Chab Mastering with greater happiness. Indeed, we have fully equipped the studio of Antoine Chabert (3 Grammy Awards) a few months ago. On the other hand, Audio-HD is also your internet store specialized in the main distribution of three brands specially selected to offer the best of these specialist brands in their fields. So you can buy high-end speakers from the Davis Acoustics Premium brand. From Cesar, Olympia One Master, Cezanne, or even Basson 77, you can build your own home cinema system with our dedicated advice. All these products will be easily associated with electronic audio devices of Atoll Electronique brand. This Norman brand is one of the few French companies specializing in audio products to manufacture all its products in France, from chassis to assembly of all electronic components. The whole range (with for example PR400 Atoll, AM400 Atoll, IN200 Atoll, SDA200 Atoll ...). Finally, we also sell the products of the famous range of Clearaudio (German manufacturer of analog audio products). Whether it's the test discs, the Double Matrix Pro Sonis, or the turntables like the Clearaudio Innovation, the Performance DC ... all the products are accessible and you buy them on www.audio-hd.fr. For more information: yannick@audio-hd.fr