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Les Absolue Pro - Absolue Créations - Audio-HD

Absolue Pro: Exceptional Cables 

Since 2009, Absolue Creations has been developing and marketing audiophile connections, and now for sound professionals, with the essential objective of preserving the speed of signal transmission.

This factor allows sources, electronics and loudspeakers to fade completely, allowing the recordings to fully express themselves.

Absolue Creations considers and defines cables as links in their own right of all systems, and as an indispensable element in an audiophile or professional sound reproduction system.

Thanks to an ambitious development, based on modern technical foundations, and based on our performances with the audiophile world, we have created a Pro range, Les Absolue Pro, exclusively for the most demanding Professionals, available from your partner Audio- HD.

Audio-HD is our exclusive distributor, whose mission is to promote our range, Absolute Pro, to all professionals, valuing a search for increased performance of their recording work, Mastering, Sound ...

To this range are added indispensable accessories. USB cable, Ethernet RJ45, and our cables and Ramps sector ...

From the purest notes to the deepest silences, you will be fulfilled by an accomplished musicality.

All these products embody the success of the brand's research.

Absolue Créations cables, Absolue Pro, are made in France, guaranteed 5 years piece and labor.


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