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Audio-HD offers several services dedicated to Owners, Audio-Visual Professionals, Performers, Producers and Artistic Directors,

to Audiophiles and all other contacts of the Audiovisual World/Live show.

With a network in full development, Audio-HD will be able to present you tailor-made projects (totally appropriate and adapted

to your needs as specific as they are).

The discovery of our products will be done in your premises by appointment. You can contact our team using the Contact Details above.

The "Audio-HD" website itself is above all a presentation of a large catalog of products developed by the companies partners (presented

in the "Brands" tab), with whom we have been keen to work closely together.

Starting from the Statement, we ask for the best products in order to develop the best installations/projects, our partnership choices

were very important.

These brands are great specialists in the field of Analog Audio (Clearaudio),

in the very high quality Pro Cables (audio/data/sector) (Absolue Creations), in Hifi speakers (100% Made in france), very well known

for their excellent quality (Davis Acoustics), and of course in the range of audio electronics, "Made In Normandy", with Atoll Electronique.

The product ranges of our partners are very complete, in constant evolution of range and technologies.

New partnerships will be officialized soon.

Audio-HD specializes in the distribution of these products to its customers, whatever their territories, whatever their own specialties/needs.

We will regularly present you the accomplished achievements.

With a strong personal interest in high quality analog audio reproduction, Audio-HD has also developed a specific

and owned process to optimize and improve the audio quality in the purest and almost divine sense of it.

According to technologies and techniques specifics to our society and thanks to incredibly effective discoveries on sound,

we have developed a concept/service in Audio Optimization, which you will very soon discover in a presentation under construction.

It will be shared online in a few days.

Finally, Audio-HD offers a custom-made and highly efficient vinyl scanning service for all professional contact (Music labels),

for studios and for an audiophile audience.

Our vinyl scanning offer is presented in full, incorporating some samples, and also presenting the projects On which we have very actively collaborated.


Finally ! You will have the opportunity to h

On www.audio-hd.fr, the four major brands of high-end HiFi are the partners with whom Audio-HD has chosen to work, represent and sell to music lovers, audiophiles and sound professionals. As you will see on the presentations of the products presented on the site, you discover the entire range of products (more than 140 products) Clearaudio brand, which is one of the largest specialists in analog audio equipment. To name a few: Sonic Clearaudio Double Matrix Pro, Clearaudio Emotion SE Pack, Clearaudio Ovation Black Piano, Clearaudio Innovation Master, Clearaudio Smart Matrix Professional ... We also present the brand Atoll Electronique for your happiness. Atoll is the leading French specialist in audio electronics, fully manufactured and assembled in France. The range of products is very wide, and it allows to offer entry-level products at very competitive rates, while being high quality products of audio reproduction. We invite you to discover products such as the AM200 Signature Atoll, the ST200se Atoll, DAC 200 Atoll Converter, DR200 Signature ... all products are in our shop. Finally, exclusively with audio professionals exclusively, Audio-HD is the distributor of the "Absolue Pro" cables, the professional range of Absolue Créations. Contact us on yannick@audio-hd.fr


Atoll CD400SEAtoll DR400SE, Atoll IN400SE, Atoll PR400, Atoll AM400, Atoll IN30, Atoll IN50SE, Atoll IN80SE, Atoll IN100SE, Atoll IN200 Signature, Atoll IN300, Atoll PR100, Atoll PR200SE, Atoll PR300 Signature, Atoll AM50SE, Atoll AM80SE, Atoll AM100SE, Atoll AM200 Signature, Atoll CD30, Atoll CD50SE2, Atoll CD80SE2, Atoll CD100SE2, Atoll CD200 Signature, Atoll DR100SE2, Atoll DR200 Signature, Atoll SACD200, Atoll DAC100SE2, Atoll DAC200, Atoll ST100SE, Atoll ST200SE, Atoll SD100, Atoll HD100, Atoll SDA200, Atoll HD120, Atoll MA100, Atoll MS100, Atoll MD100, Atoll AV500, Atoll AV50, Atoll AV80, Atoll AV100, Atoll TU80SE, Atoll PH100, Atoll Dac Carte IN/PR, Atoll P50, Atoll Télécommande, Atoll P100, Atoll Dac Carte Atoll, Atoll Dac Carte Wireless, Atoll Dongle Wireless, Clearaudio Unify Silver Carbon, Clearaudio Universal, Clearaudio universal VTA, Clearaudio TT5, Clearaudio TT2, Clearaudio TT3, Clearaudio TT1-MI Wood Silver, Clearaudio TT1 Piano Black Silver, Clearaudio TT1 Statement, Clearaudio MM Concept V2, Clearaudio MM Performer V2, Clearaudio MM Artist V2, Clearaudio Virtuoso V2, Clearaudio Maestro V2, Clearaudio Charisma V2, Clearaudio MC Concept, Clearaudio MC Melody V2, Clearaudio MC Essence, Clearaudio MC Symphony V2, Clearaudio MC Talisman V2 Gold, Clearaudio MC Concerto V2, Clearaudio MC Stradivari V2, Clearaudio MC Da Vinci V2, Clearaudio Titanium V2, Clearaudio MC Goldfinger Statement, Clearaudio Clever Clamp, Clearaudio Twister Clamp, Clearaudio Quadro Clamp Extreme Steel, Clearaudio Statement Clamp, Clearaudio Concept Record Clamp, Clearaudio Stroboskop Test Record, Clearaudio Speed Light Source, Clearaudio Pack Stroboskop Speed Light Source, Clearaudio Outer Limit Locator, Clearaudio Locator, Clearaudio Single Adapter, Clearaudio VTA Lifter, Clearaudio Perfect Points, Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro, Clearaudio Seal Record Clamp, Clearaudio Smart Seal Record Clamp, Clearaudio Seal Professional Smart Matrix, Clearaudio Pure Groove, Clearaudio Oil Bearing, Clearaudio Polishing PasteClearaudio Care Kit Pro New, Clearaudio Elixir Of Sound, Clearaudio Diamond Cleaner Brush, Clearaudio Carbon Cleaner Brush, Clearaudio Smart Matrix Professional Vaccum Arm Single, Clearaudio Nano Phono V2 MM/MC, Clearaudio Smart Phono V2 MM/MC, Clearaudio Basic Plus MM/MC, Clearaudio Absolute Phono Inside, Clearaudio Smart Syncro, Clearaudio Frequency Response Test record, Clearaudio Trackability Test Record, Clearaudio Music Pick-Up Test Record, Clearaudio Vinyl Harmonicer, Clearaudio Vinyl Travel Bag, Clearaudio Performance DC TT5, Clearaudio Ovation Wood Clear, Clearaudio Pure Groove, Clearaudio Smart Matrix Profesional Vaccum Arm Standard, Clearaudio Double Matrix Pro Sonic, Clearaudio Concept Pack MM, Clearaudio Concept Pack MC, Clearaudio Emotion SE Pack Clear Acrylic, Clearaudio Performance DC Clarify MM, Clearaudio Olymp Master Innovation, Clearaudio Mini Gauge Level, Clearaudio Level Gauge Silver, Clearaudio Cartridge Weight Watcher, Clearaudio IEC Cartridge, Clearaudio Smart Stylus Gauge, Clearaudio Professional Analogue Toolkit, Clearaudio Azimuth Optimizer MM/MC, Clearaudio LP Drill, Clearaudio Performance DC, Clearaudio Ovation Black Piano, Clearaudio Innovation Basic, Clearaudio Innovation Compact, Clearaudio Innovation, Clearaudio Master Innovation, Clearaudio Statement, Clearaudio Concept Pack Dust Cover, Clearaudio Emotion & Emotion SE Dust Cover, Clearaudio Ovation Dust Cover, Clearaudio Performance &Performance DC Dust Cover, Clearaudio Innovation Compact Dust Cover, Clearaudio Innovation Dust Cover, Clearaudio Double Matrix Pro Sonic Dust Cover, Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro Dust Cover, Clearaudio Verify, Clearaudio Clarify, Clearaudio Satisfy Kardan Alu, Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon Silver, Clearaudio Magnify, Clearaudio Unify Carbon, Davis Acoustics Sisley HD (x2), Davis Acoustics César (x2), Davis Acoustics Cézanne (x2), Davis Acoustics Monitor Premium, Davis Acoustics Olympia One Master (x2), Davis Acoustics Centrale PremiumDavis Acoustics Basson 77